Offering Veni's Fine Chocolates is one of the highlights at Carlisle Coffee & Sweets. Veni's chocolates are pure, handmade candy with no additives, no wax and no preservatives. Veni's Fine Chocolates come from Veni's Sweet Shop in Niles, Michigan where Veni's chocolatiers take great pride in old-world traditions, time tested formulas and techniques that have been handed down over 100 years.

    Using only the finest, freshest ingredients such as sweet cream butter, pure oils and extracts, and cane sugar, all of their cooked creams are still made from scratch in a large copper kettle then carefully rolled and dipped by hand.

    Veni's artisan chocolates and candies are bursting with flavor and rich creaminess. Carlisle Coffee & Sweets carries a wide variety of Veni's Fine Chocolate and sweets included caramels, toffee, meltaways, creams, truffles and more. Sugar Free options are also available as well as chocolate dipped pretzels, oreos, nuts and fruit.

Old Fashioned Candy

     Also available at Carlisle Coffee & Sweets is a variety of old fashioned candy. These delicious confections are available to fit almost any taste bud, and are always readily available.

     At this delightful confectionery candy by the scoop buffet you will find Smarties, Reeses Pieces, Runts, Skittles, Licorice, Swedish Fish, Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Mike and Ikes, Jolly Ranchers, Fruit Slices, Lemonheads, Tootsie Rolls, Taffy, Jawbreakers, Butterscotch, Tootsie Pops and more for just $5 per pound.

    Rock Candy sticks, Ring Pops, Big League Chewing Gum, Fun Dip and Air Heads can also be found here.

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